GEO-Instruments can provide monitoring solutions for all types of infrastructure. This includes activities above ground such as building construction, demolition, bridge and road monitoring as well as services underground in tunnels, sewers and other environments.

Infrastructure monitoring enables structural management of assets being built or demolished, providing direct insight into their behaviour and any effects on surrounding structures.

Our complementary above and underground infrastructure monitoring solutions allow GEO-Instruments to cover all monitoring and data acquisition requirements on any project.

Full package

As GEO-Instruments provides a full monitoring package and all the data is gathered in a single platform, all the different parameters reacting to site activity can be cross-referenced against time and amplitude to improve understanding of the site effects.

Infrastructure monitoring typically runs for the duration of a critical activity on site, but can also be used for longer to monitor the evolution of a building and understand the effects of differential settlement. 

Flexible installation

Activity can include monitoring, using displacement sensors, the behaviour of an asset during critical activities, such as a building during demolition, as well as adjacent properties subject to side effects such as ground settlement. 

To target the parameters required, we can install sensors in buildings, on their façade or in basements. A combination of several methods is often preferred to offer redundancy and a means of validating the accuracy of the values logged on site.